Why do people use elderberry syrup?

There are numerous uses for elderberry syrup. My customers use it for a wide array of reasons; read about them in my client testimonials!

How often do I take my elderberry syrup?

This will depend on your primary reason for using elderberry. The serving suggestion for adults is 1 Tablespoon, and 1 teaspoon for kids. Some people choose to take it daily, year round as a natural immune support. Others take it at the first sign of symptoms (e.g. congestion or runny nose) and continue every 3-4 hours until symptoms subside. If taking it to treat constipation, I have seen the best benefits taking it daily in small amounts. You can try it every day and adjust as needed, more or less. 

How much syrup should I buy? I have a large family...

If you have several people in your home, you may want to consider purchasing the Family size or several of the 16 oz bottles when they are on sale as a set. This will ensure you have enough of syrup to go around to everyone. While only a small amount of syrup is needed, at times you may need to increase it and other members may need more, etc. 

Is my syrup still okay to use?

As with any food, you will most likely know if your syrup has gone bad. Please use a clean utensil each time you get it out of the bottle, or consider purchasing one of the pour spouts I offer to help you pour cleanly into a small cup or the correct spoon. 

What ingredients do you use in your syrup?

My syrup is made with all natural ingredients: distilled water, organic European elderberries, organic while Ceylon cinnamon sticks, organic whole cloves, organic ground ginger, organic rose hips, RAW local eastern NC honey. 

I have picky kids.... how do I get them to take it?

We’ve found our kids, and most that try it, really love the taste! Introducing thier taste buds to new flavors as early as possible really helps with getting them to like the spices, etc. We encourage parents to include it simply as it is, taken daily or as desired in a small cup, spoon, or even a shot glass. It also works well mixed in with yogurt, smoothies, oatmeal, and other foods. We don’t refer to our syrup as medicine, but rather as a natural healthy food.

When will my order be shipped?

Order are checked regularly from my website and shipped weekdays. While we work hard to ensure fast shipping, we also prioritize the best shipping methods to ensure your syrup arrives in the best possible condition. From the time your order is placed, shipping generally takes 3-5 business days. But for local customers has been known to even arrive next day!

I don't live in eastern NC. Will I still benefit from using your syrup?

Our local honey is sourced from eastern NC counties, therefore it contains pollen common to those areas. For local customers, this is an added plus. However, elderberry has multiple uses, and will benefit anyone for overall wellness support. If you prefer to use local honey to your area, consider purchasing our DIY Kit and adding your own local honey!

How long will my syrup last?

Our label includes a “use by date” of 3 months from the date is was created. However, we have seen it last for several months past this, as honey is a natural preservative. As with any food, always use a clean utensil each time you take it. Never drink straight from the bottle, even though it’s enticing!

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