They say home is where the heart is. For our family, this has proven to be true. In 2015, after personal health issues and a challenging birth, I left my career as a teacher. Initially, this was to be for one year but things didn’t go as planned.

Having been raised by parents with a strong work ethic, I felt a void not being able to work. I sought something productive to do with my hands. My answer soon came in the form of a struggle. My daughter, less than one at the time, was constantly getting sick- sneezing and a runny nose that progressed to coughing and wheezing. I reluctantly took her to her regular doctor several times. It always ended the same: no answers and no way to help her, leaving with as many questions as when I went in. After ending up in the ER with her one night, I decided it was time to take charge of her health, searching for natural alternatives. A friend mentioned using elderberry syrup with her child, so I decided to try it. And so Happy Heart Elderberry was born!

It was only about 2 months later that we began to notice a dramatic change in her symptoms. When she did get sick, the duration was shorter and general symptoms less severe. After sharing my story and making syrup for others in my community, it became apparent that this could lead to more for our family. This amazing little berry has blessed our family in so many ways, from giving me purpose to boosting our health, and I hope it finds its way into your family’s heart as well 🙂


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